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Why Clean Your Deck?
In the Chicago area, nothing on the exterior of your house is maintenance free, your deck is no exception. Pressure treated wood is the most common type of wood used in the construction of any outdoor project.

The process of pressure treating wood, protects the wood against rot and insects, it does not protect the wood from the sun and rain. Copper in the pressure treated wood acts as a fungicide and arsenic acts as an insecticide. When it rains the unprotected wood cells absorb water causing the cells to expand. When the deck dries the wood's cells shrink, this continuous cycle of expansion and contraction ultimately causes cracking in boards on your deck. Freeze and thaw cycles will also cause similar damage.

Most wood projects will look good for 2 to 3 years in our climate. During that time it will turn a gray color and start to look dirty. Our advice is to have the deck protected as soon as it is built. If it was not protected when it was built have it cleaned and protected now!

Caution !!!       When using any pressure washer to clean your deck, be it wood or composite. The pressure created by
these machines can permently damage the material. It is recommended that you use a mild soap along with a broom to
clean your deck and then a garden hose to rinse..
Protect Your Investment.
Whether made from redwood, cedar or pressure-treated lumber, a wood deck leads an anything-but-carefree life. Constant exposure to the sun discolors the surface and accelerates wear by breaking down fibers in the wood. Throw in rain or snow and there's warping, rotting and cracking to contend with. Shade can spell trouble too, prolonging moisture's stay, which allows mold and mildew to turn the deck's surface a dingy gray or black.

Refinishing removes very little of the wood surface, so there is no limit to the number of times you can refinish over the lifetime of your deck.

The average life of a deck stain is about two years, (one year for clear) wood should be re-stained in that time frame.

To keep a refinished deck looking its best, the deck should get a good sweep and hosing with water every month or two. If you have potted plants on the deck, place them in trays that will capture overflow from watering, moisture can, over time, damage even sealed wood.

With proper care and maintenance, a deck can easily last 30 years.

Composite Material


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Stains and Sealers
We are professional deck builders and do not offer a staining or sealing service. It would be like asking your plumber to paint your walls. But from our past experience we can recommend a few product brands that are available for the do-it-yourselfers that we trust.
Cabot Stains
Corte Clean    composite
Krud Kutter         composite and wood
fiberon decking

trex decking

fox home center
evergrain decking

timber tech decking

veka railing and fence
azek decking

simpson stongtie

american forests





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