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Frequently Asked Questions

1- Biggest question I get asked is  "Which composite decking should I choose" ?   View
2- Can I buy my own material?  View
3- Why is your estimate higher/lower than the other one's I have gotten?  View
4- What do I get with a free estimate?  View
5- How long will it take to get my drawings and cost and specification analysis?  View
6- What if I am not happy or want to change the design of my deck?  View
7- Can you give me an estimate using another companies drawings?  View
8- Do you stain, seal or pressure wash decks?  View
9- How do you attach my deck boards?  View
10- Do I need a building permit?  View


1- The answer I give is choose which ever decking is most pleasing to your eye. I also recommend that you take
a trip to Fox Home Center and look at there display of composite decking and railing. There you will be able to
walk on all the different decking so you will have a feel of what it is like. I also suggest that you look at the display
inside there showroom to make a couple of choices and then go to the outside display and see what your decking
will look like after a few years. All composite decking fades somewhat and doing those 2 steps will let you see
the difference and know what to expect.
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2- YES you can purchase everything needed for your new deck. Also when you request a composite decking and
railing material we recommend you purchase all material. The reason we do this is our labor charge is never as much
as composite material costs. And we can understand a customer not wanting to give a builder 75% of the money
upfront for there new deck without anything started. We will provide you with a complete material list. And then we
will set up the delivery of your material.   
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3- The most common reason is that you are not asking for an estimate for the same deck (i.e. size, shape) or a deck built with the same material (i.e. joist size, beam size, joist spacing). When you are getting estimates for your new deck remember to compare apples to apples. Ask for a specific size deck with stairs and railings all the same size. Also ask the company to state the size and spacing of all structural members (i.e. joists, beams). Click here for a printable form you can use to help.   (FORM)    
In the case of lower estimates (lower means more than $500) that company is most likely not including or has missed some items that they must charge for sooner or later. Or that company is not charging enough for labor and that means that they will not be in business for long and that will affect your warranty. We can make this bold statement because we have been in the construction business for over 35 years and in the deck business since 2000.    We Will Beat ANY Reasonable Estimate.    
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4- We will set up an appointment to visit the proposed location of your new deck and at that time we will discuss with you what your ideas are and what type of material choices you are considering. We will take measurements of your site and show you pictures of options and designs that you can use. We will also have samples of decking that are available to you. After we completely understand your thoughts we will draw your deck (with CAD software) and make any changes that you like. After you are happy we will give you complete estimate for your new deck. Then we will go back to our office and complete a full set of drawings for your new deck along with a cost and specification analysis which includes a material list, cut list and labor time table. We will get all this back to you along with a proposal / contract good for 30 days usually within 3 to 7 days. We also give you full permission to use our drawings to get other estimates.     
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5- It usually takes us 3 to 7 days (depending how busy we are) to get them back to you. After your drawings are completed we have to sit down and go thru them to be sure they meet the building code for your particular area. And then we go back thru them and list every item needed to build your new deck, we must include every board, fastener and screw. After the material list is completed we figure out the total labor cost for your new deck. With this information we check the estimate price we had given you at our first meeting and see where we are. If we discover we are over our original estimate (almost never happens) we write a letter stating the reason why. If we are under the cost of our original estimate that is the new price we will use. We then prepare an proposal / contract for you and print your drawings and specifications. All that is left is we contact you so we may set up a way to complete delivery.    
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6- If after you receive your drawings with the cost and specification analysis you unhappy for any reason just let us know we will be more than happy to make any changes you like. We will continue to make changes for you (within reason) until you are completely happy with your new deck.   
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7- Because of copyright or intellectual propriety laws we can not use or build a deck according to someone else's drawings without there written permission. But we can look at those plans and create our version of the same plan for your new deck.        
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8- We currently do not offer any staining, sealing or pressure washing services. But we can recommend a number of high quality companies. Just ask us. Visit our Maintenance page here to find more information on staining, sealing
and cleaning your new deck.   
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9- We use screws to attach decks boards never nails. But we can also use hidden fasteners or plugs so there are no exposed screw heads.     
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10- It all depends on where you live. When we come out to give you your free estimate we will check with the village, town or city where you live and find out. And if you do need a permit you will have several options.  
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